In a word YES. We look at why organic food is better for your health in many ways, some of which you may not have considered before.

Organic fruit and veg

Organic vs Inorganic

This topic has been debated long and hard over the years and the more we find out, the more we understand about the health benefits of organic produce over that of non-organic food.

100% natural food has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to improved health than regular food, and significantly lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides, according to some of the most comprehensive scientific studies to date. The consumption of antioxidant rich produce has also been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and even certain cancers. This article also explains how organic lemon juice can help asthma sufferers.


A 2014 study by a  team led by Prof Carlo Leifert at Newcastle University in the UK concluded that switching to organically grown fruit and vegetables could provide you with the same benefits as adding TWO portions of the recommended “five a day” and there are “statistically significant, meaningful” advantages, with the range of antioxidants being “substantially higher” – between 19% and 69% – in organic food. This was the first study to establish the clear advantages of organic over non-organic fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Okay, organic produce is invariably more expensive than it’s non-organic counterpart. This is due mainly to fact that completely natural produce has to be bred tougher (for natural defense against pests and disease), fed only with natural fertilizers (as opposed to cheaper inorganic fertilizers) and generally cared for more carefully. Given the increased health benefits we think the extra expense is more than justified.

Organic fruit and veg
Organic fruit and veg

But before we get to carried away with the amazing health benefits of organically grown fruit and vegetables, lets put things in perspective:

Eating ANY fruit and veg on a daily basis is going to do you good, certainly a lot more good than not eating it.

Eating ORGANIC fruit and veg on a daily basis is going to be even better for you, given the significantly higher levels of antioxidants and nutrients, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge you will not be ingesting any nasties, GO NUDEY!


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