Did you know lemon juice has been shown to have many health benefits and help in providing natural asthma relief?

Can Lemon Juice Really Help Your Asthma?

Well there is a fair bit of support for the argument that lemon juice really can help in the control of asthma. Keep in mind this is not an overnight cure, it’s more of an ongoing program to help provide natural asthma relief over the long term.

In this article we’ll take a look at a simple to follow system designed to help provide natural asthma relief.

The three step system was developed by natural nutritionist Rudy Silva. We’ll also look at the science behind it and some views on the subject from some other sources.


The first and arguably most important step in this system is to do a two day fast. This is no doubt NOT what you wanted to hear, but if you can, it should make a big difference to the effectiveness of the system. We’ll explain why in the technical stuff later. Some people may only be able to manage a day of fasting. This won’t be quite as effective but better than not fasting at all.

During this two day fast you will be drinking only water and lemon juice. Every morning after you get up, in to eight fluid ounces or 250ml of water, squeeze the juice of one organic lemon. Do not use chilled water, use room temperature or even better, slightly warm water. This will give the drink extra energy and reduce the amount of work your body has to do to digest the drink. The rest of the day drink only water.



After your two day fast, continue drinking this lemon juice drink every
morning at least ½ hour before you have breakfast. But now when you prepare your lemon drink add two teaspoons of ionic manganese. 
You can Google ‘ionic manganese’ and find out where to get it.

Manganese has a whole host of health benefits associated with it, such as relieving inflammation, regulating blood sugar levels, boosting vitamin absorption and improving digestion.

NUDEY HEALTH TIP:  We recommend adding the manganese to the lemon juice drink for a maximum of two weeks only. Too much manganese in the long term could be harmful. It is naturally occurring in many foods such as rice, nuts, wheat, barley, mushrooms, oatmeal and beets, so we should not usually need to increase our intake.


In this step you are really supercharging your drink. After the two weeks of adding manganese, now instead add two tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll to your lemon drink.

Now you have a drink that you can continue to drink every morning at least a half an hour before your breakfast. A drink that can be beneficial to the long term goal of helping to provide natural asthma relief, and hopefully a natural alternative to prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Alternatively take a chlorophyll or chlorophyllin based supplement instead of adding it to your lemon juice and water.





Ingesting toxins and the resulting build up of toxins in the colon will eventually find it’s way into the blood stream, which in turn enters the respiratory system and lungs. This is now known to be a main trigger of asthmatic symptoms. Lemon juice is acid and is capable of cutting into and breaking up oil and mucus. Combine this with the chlorophyll which has a cleansing, detoxifying effect, which helps to cleanse the system and especially the colon. This in turn has a cleansing effect on the blood and helps to stop toxins entering the pulmonary system. 

In effect you are treating the root cause of the asthma which pharmaceuticals which do not.

IMPORTANT NUDEY NOTE:  Always have your asthma plan and prescribed asthma treatments readily available. Do not substitute any prescribed medications without consulting with a medical professional.

The original article by Rudy Silva can be found here.

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